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Water Bailiffs Conference 2016 held in the Nith catchment

The National Scottish Water Bailiffs conference was hosted by the Nith District Salmon Fishery Board this year. The event was very well attended with Water Bailiffs travelling from all over Scottish to attend. The first day included talks by Jeff Gibbons from Scottish Government who gave a presentation about the draft Wild Fisheries bill and the importance of the role of Bailiffs. This gave the delegates an opportunity to ask questions of Jeff and feed into the response process.  Afterwards, we made our way over to Police Scotland Head Quarters at Cromwell Mount for a presentation from Chief Inspector David McCallum on partnership working before heading back to the Cairndale Hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, Jim Henderson presented case studies of poaching incidents on the Nith. Day 2 included a field trip to the River Nith where enforcement scenarios where role played prior to debriefing. The event has been considered very successful and provided suggestions for future training events.

David McCallum's presentaion

Chief Inspector David McCallum’s presentaion

Jeff Gibbons presentation

Jeff Gibbons presentation on the draft Fisheries Bill

Off the bus

Case study on the River Nith

Scenario role play 2

Scenario role play

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