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Head Water Baliff
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The NDSFB has a full time Water Bailiff team that enforces Scottish fisheries legislation to ensure that stocks of Atlantic salmon and sea trout are not over exploited. In addition to our full time employed staff, the Board has instigated a voluntary Water Bailiff scheme whereby enthusiastic individuals are given the opportunity to join our full time staff on fisheries enforcement throughout the catchment.  Volunteers are provided with the appropriate training and equipment then undertake nationally recognised legal exams prior to being issued with their warrant cards.  Our volunteers contribute significantly to the enforcement efforts throughout the entire jurisdiction of the Board.

NDSFB’s enforcement team are using “stealth cameras” to assist in the surveillance of the River Nith.  This technology has advanced to a stage that good images can be obtained during the day and at night using infrared.  Whilst there is no substitute for Bailiffs on the river bank, this technology serves as an aide to advise the enforcement team of the presence of people at key locations throughout the catchment.

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