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Nith District Salmon Fishery Board has operated their hatchery programme for many years, rearing both salmon and sea trout. 

The Board recognises the contribution that hatchery produced stock can contribute to fisheries management, in appropriate circumstances.  Modern scientific opinion has evolved since the commencement of the Board’s hatchery operation and now suggests a precautionary approach when contemplating stocking.  Advancements in the field of fish genetics have highlighted the potential to corrupt the genetic profile of wild stocks by introducing hatchery reared stock in inappropriate locations.  The Nith Board continues to maintain its hatchery programme with the primary aim of providing compensatory restocking of fish for losses due to pollution or issues created by the mining industry.  The Boards hatchery is operated in compliance with Fisheries Manaagement Scotland’s code of practise for hatchery operations and takes cognizance of the current opinion on genetic integrity.

Hatchery Visits

In the autumn/winter of every year the Board invites interested groups from the local community to visit the hatchery. This enables individuals to see and experience first-hand the processes behind producing the salmon and sea trout fry that are then stocked into carefully selected areas of the catchment with the view to enhancing salmon and sea trout numbers in those areas.

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