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Fishing for the Future

Fishing for the Future

Education is an important part of the Trusts objectives and the Trust therefore runs Salmon in the Classroom projects that the Board has so successfully established over 10 years ago.  Salmon in the Classroom is a valuable project as it is a fun, hands on method of getting children involved with fish and the work involved with conserving their habitats as well as teaching them about the importance of keeping rivers clean and healthy.  Hopefully in the future, along with projects such as Fishing for Knowledge and the Fishing For The Future Project, this will help to get more youngsters involved with fishing as a recreational sport.

The Trust also runs hatchery visits to enable other groups within the local community to learn about the work that is carried out by the Board and the Trust.  Please contact Debbie at the Trust for more information and to book a visit.  Visits are free but due to the charitable status of the Trust donations are always appreciated.  All money donated goes into conserving fish within the Nith catchment.

Or alternatively, our Biologist could come and give a talk on the activities of the Trust or a specific project.  Please contact us for more information.

The Fishing for the Future Project:

The Fishing for the Future project aims to raise awareness of local fisheries by using the life cycle of Atlantic salmon to demonstrate the connectivity between the freshwater and marine environments and how the sustainable harvesting of fish, from recreational angling and commercial fisheries, is important to the rural economy and health of local communities.

The project is multi-faceted which delivers a series of structured sessions that target 30 groups of all ages and one-off events.  The structured sessions are specifically for groups are made up of participants from primary and secondary schools, Young Person’s Support Service and the Youth Justice Service and other interested participants.

The structured sessions take place between November and June.  To find out more about each session – click on the link Fishing for the Future project

 Session Plans

                                    Secondary Schools                                                                                          Primary Schools

FFF Funders


Fishing for the Future - Session 1   Fishing for the Future - Session 1   Fishing for the Future - Session 2   Fishing for the Future - Session 2   Fishing for the Future - Session 3

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