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The Board


The Board is constituted under the Salmon Fisheries Legislation commencing in the 1860s as subsequently amended and presently stated in the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003.  The Board is empowered under the 2003 Act and other legislation to do such Acts as it considers expedient for the protection, enhancement and conservation of stocks of salmon and sea trout and the general protection and enhancement of the fishery itself.

The Board’s principle objectives are therefore to preserve, protect and enhance stocks of migratory salmonids in the Nith catchment and to preserve, protect and enhance the fishery.

The Board’s Function

The Board functions through a series of meetings convened throughout the year.  Strategy and policies are considered to ensure the effective sustainable management of the resource for the future benefit of the proprietors of the salmon fishings in the River Nith Catchment.  The Board’s policies are implemented throughout the catchment under the supervision of the Fisheries Director on a day to day basis.

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