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Roderick StylesClerk

Roderick has been Clerk to the Board since 1989.  The Clerk is responsible for administering to the Board, collecting assessments from proprietors and ultimate line management of all staff.  In addition, Roderick is a practicing solicitor and the Board benefits from legal advice as and when required.

Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson – Fishery Director

Jim has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies and is a Chartered Environmentalist. He has worked with the Board since 1984 and has headed up the Board’s staff since 1990.  In his role as Fishery Director, Jim is responsible for implementing the Board’s strategy for fisheries management throughout the Nith catchment.  The Director has day-to-day responsibility for managing operations and staff in the field.


David McMichael- Senior Water Bailiff
David is an IFM qualified Water Bailiff and has worked with the Board on and off for over 20 years.  As Senior Water Bailiff he is responsible for leading the enforcement team in the field and conducting general fishery management duties

Robbie Cowan.pond

Robbie Cowan – Volunteer Water Bailiff
Robbie is an IFM qualified Water Bailiff and has been involved in the management of the river for many years.  Robbie also sits as a Board member.  He assists with enforcement/anti-poaching measures and is qualified and experienced in the use of inshore powerboats.  Robbie is involved with research and patrolling of the estuarial waters within the Board’s jurisdiction.

Michael Hunter – Volunteer Water Bailiff
Michael is an IFM qualified Water Bailiff and is a volunteer with the Fishery Board’s enforcement team.


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