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Notice of Annual Meeting of Qualified Proprietors

20 MARCH 2018 at 10am


The following matters will be considered:-

– The activities of the Board for the year to 30.11.17 (detailed in the annual report).

– Consideration of the annual report and accounts.

– The proposed activities of the Board for the next year (detailed in the Annual report and the Prescriptions of the Fishery Management Plan appended to the annual report). (n.b. The full Fishery management is available on the Board’s web site:

– Any other competent business. (n.b. Wild Fisheries Reform will be discussed).


A qualified Proprietor may authorise a person (the Mandatory of the Qualified Proprietor) to act on behalf of such Qualified Proprietor. It is essential that if any Qualified Proprietor whose Mandatory is not already known to the Board wishes to send a Mandatory to the meeting such Qualified Proprietor send to Roderick Styles, Clerk to the Board at 37 George Street, Dumfries, DG1 1EB written confirmation of who the nominated Mandatory is and which Qualified Proprietor the mandatory is to represent, receipt of which nomination must be with the Clerk by not later than 13th March 2018, failing which  participation of the mandatory at the meeting may not be permitted.

This meeting is open to the public and members of the public are entitled to attend in an observing capacity. It is essential for the arrangements for planning, seating, etc. that you contact the Clerk at the address specified above to advise if you are interested in attending.

In order to ensure that best information can be provided at the meeting Qualified Proprietors are requested to submit written details of any questions or matters that they may wish to raise to the Clerk by not later than 13th March 2018.

The agenda for the meeting will follow the subject matter detailed above but will be available in final form by not later than 17th March 2018 and can be viewed at

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