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Nith Sea Trout Experience – Fish For Free

Fish for sea trout on the River Nith for free, every Friday night for 8 weeks on different beats.


I am no doubt sure that you will be aware that we have been experiencing poor returns of sea trout and salmon in recent years.  This is obviously of concern to the Board, proprietors and the anglers who fish our river.  Poor returns of fish over successive years ultimately result in anglers not participating in fishing and in some instances giving up the sport.  Fortunately, 2014 was a better year for sea trout returning to the River Nith however the returns from beats will not reflect this in their annual catch returns.  Those who did fish for sea trout at night commented that they were seeing more fish and that herling were also present in the system in numbers.


In a bid to stimulate renewed interest in sea trout fishing and to encourage new blood into the sport the Board are proposing an innovative new idea for the 2015 season, the “Nith Sea Trout Experience”.  This project is intended to give anglers a chance to fish the prime sea trout beats on the River Nith for no cost.  The theory being, that if they enjoy the experience then they may return at a later date and purchase a ticket.  In addition, whilst we heard from some anglers that the sea trout run was good during 2014 the Board and Trust would like to collate accurate data on fish captured against effort expended.  To achieve this all participants would be requested to fill in an angling diary, provided by us following each fishing trip.


  • Nith sea trout experience will be run every Friday evening from 6.00pm to 6.00am Saturday morning commencing Friday 5th June – Friday 24th July inclusive (eight weeks in total)
  • Groups of up to 4 rods will register  to take part
  • Groups would have to register by 15th April 2015 to participate
  • Groups of less than 4 may participate
  • Group members may be substituted by alternative members
  • Groups do not have to fish every week
  • Groups fish a different beat each week
  • Group captains to ensure that fishing diaries are filled in
  • Beat representatives will show teams round the beat on Friday evenings
  • Fly fishing only will be permitted
  • All fish caught will be released


Nith Sea Trout Experience

For a downloadable poster of the Nith Sea Trout Experience, please clink on the link below.

Nith Sea Trout Experience Poster

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