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Final Fishing for the Future project field trip

The final Session of the Fishing for the Future Project has now been completed and what a great few days we had! We took participants from Primary Schools down the beach to have a tour of the Douglashall stake net fishery. During the visit Peter Hutchinson demonstrated how this ancient method of fishing worked and explained the commercial aspect. We were able to show the children different species of fish including mullet, salmon, sea trout, flounder and even a shad! We then combed the beach for shellfish, seaweeds and other beasties, before exploring the caves!

DSCN0106    _DSC0011

Students from Wallacehall, Sanquhar Academy and Maxwelltown High attended session 7 at Glencaple, to learn about haaf net fishing.  Robbie Cowan from Caelaverock estate explained about the different tides and how they affect the coastal landscape.  We were lucky enough to see a small tidal bore making its way up the river towards the quay. The force of the water was impressive to see. We then walked onto the shore, where Robbie explained about the equipment needed and demonstrated how it was used. To our surprise, a sea trout entered the net within minutes of the net being set, the fish was shown to the group then safely released back in to the water.  The session was rounded off with a discussion about traditional methods of fishing, their impacts on the local economy and the importance of sustainability if these methods are to survive in the future.

Sea Trout Returned    DSCN0149

These field trips rounded off our series of seven sessions guiding the participants through the lifecycle of an Atlantic salmon from egg to adult and through all of the environments and challenges it faces whilst migrating.  It has shown the recreational and commercial side of fisheries in Dumfries and Galloway and the importance of respecting our environment and ensuring sustainability in all we do, from the way we farm to the hobbies we enjoy. We hope that these children will go on to enjoy the aquatic environment with greater understanding and appreciation and maybe even take up fishing!

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