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Check Clean Dry signage

As part of the Nith Catchment Biosecurity Plan to try to prevent aquatic invasive species being spread within our waterways, the Trust has been putting up Check Clean Dry signs around the catchment.  The signs were kindly provided by the Scottish Government and the GB Non-native Species Secretariat as part of a nationwide campaign to prevent non-native species being introduced and spread within the UK.  These signs are being put up in high profile areas where river users visit regularly.  Check Clean Dry is a simple but effective way to prevent the spread of invasive creatures and weeds such as signal crayfish, killer shrimp, floating pennywort and parrots feather.  All you have to do is CHECK your equipment for any living plants or animals that may be attached, CLEAN and wash your equipment, footwear and clothes thoroughly, remembering to leave any plants and animals in the watercourse you found them and DRY all of your equipment and clothing to kill any remaining species.  These simple steps could make the difference, to all of our efforts, to protect our rivers and their inhabitants.

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