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Over the last couple of weeks we have had great fun delivering Session 1 of the Fishing for the Future Project and have already had a staggering 289 people through the hatchery door.

During this session participants are introduced to Atlantic salmon and Sea trout and their life cycles.  They are given the opportunity to see live adult and juvenile salmon and developing salmon eggs.  Some lucky pupils were there when a ripe hen salmon was being stripped of her eggs and were able to assist.  In the last half of the session, students joined us in our “classroom” where they were taught about the threats that Atlantic salmon face at each stage of their life cycle, the different types of fisheries that operate within the Nith catchment, including commercial fisheries such as stake and haaf netting, and the impact that climate change can have on them.

We are all looking forward to Session 2 which will take place after the Christmas holidays and will involve each group getting some salmon eggs to incubate.



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