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Hydro Health Checks

In recent years there have been many proposals to develop micro hydro schemes on watercourses within the River Nith catchment.  The Board and Trust consider these proposals carefully to assess their potential impacts on the fish communities in the surrounding area.  This includes conducting pre and post construction electrofishing surveys to gain accurate fish data to enable an assessment to be made.  Recently, inspections and surveys were undertaken on a number of hydro sites across the catchment and we are pleased to report that no detrimental issues have been discovered.

This inlet allows for fish passage downstream and eel passage upstream.

This inlet on Gracefield Hydro scheme allows for eel passage upstream.

The turbine house and outlet on Ingleston Hydro Scheme

Ingleston Hydro Scheme turbine house on the Jarbruck Burn

Outlet of Cairnlearan Hydro scheme

Outlet of Cairnlearan Hydro scheme

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